Unlocking Heroes, Items and Abilities. Special Challenges

16 November 2020

With the upcoming global Update, we are changing the system of unlocking new rituals, traps, signs, hex bag recipes and customisation items. We have also fully reworked the way you gain access to Heroes for temporary and permanent usage. 

Access to Heroes

Now you can try out most of the heroes in the game for free! Clyde, Annie, Ocelot, Eric and Valentine as well as other fighters in our mystical games, will move into ongoing rotation and be available to all players. We plan to give out one or more different heroes temporarily to all players. Then, previous heroes are locked again and you get trial access to new ones, and cycle repeats. So if you like one of them particularly, you can summon that hero for permanent access. Summoned heroes are always playable irrelevant of their position in the current rotation. 

To summon a hero you need special Summoning Stones. You collect them by doing challenges from the battle pass. Please, be advised that with every new hero coming into the game, a new type of summoning stones will also become available. 

Attention: since Clyde and Annie were free to all players in the game and accessible by default, we will give them out to play permanently to all current players in Cuisine Royale by the date of the Update!

Studying and Getting Items and Abilities

The workshop as we know it will be gone. Instead, each hero will now have their own experience level, growing as you participate in battles. 

At each level, the hero unlocks new items and abilities. You can obtain them for Eternal Grace - the new in-game currency that will replace Royal Bucks. Note that, buying with grace is only available with permanently summoned heroes. 

Naturally, if you unlock and obtain any new ritual or trap, or hex bag recipe, you will be able to equip it onto another hero as well. 

All items already studied in the old workshop will be given as already obtained to players after the Update.

Also, we already discussed in the previous devblog that all customization items, like masks, underwear, talismans - will lose all mystical powers and can be equipped as you wish for a great look. Useful powers are now transferred to new entities - Spirit Guardians that are also studied in the hero experience tree. Naturally, if you have already studied some useful item in the workshop, you will get an appropriate spirit guardian to equip for your hero! 

ATTENTION: with the season change old royal bucks are going to lose their main power. We advise you to spend them on items still unlocked and you can keep spending them on mystic scrolls and flare guns. Also, since we need to release this complex Update on all platforms at the same time, the current season is being extended into the first days of December. League season awards will be delivered to your accounts with a slight delay. 

Battle Pass and Challenges

Instead of old Books we will introduce the Battle Pass system. Each battle pass will last until the end of the season. As before, you will be able to get rewards by doing challenges from both the free tree and the premium tree. The last one being available only to battle pass holders. 

In rewards you will find new customization items for different heroes, hex bag recipes, mystic scrolls, eternal grace, unique traps and rituals, summoning stones and other great items. 

If, at the end of the current season you still have an active Book, you will get the premium Battle Pass for the next season! 


As for challenges, they will also become much more interesting and… challenging! Besides the already familiar tasks like special kinds of kills or certain mystical actions in certain regions, you will have to complete new types of challenges, where you will often compete with other players in a battle!

Examples of these new tasks: 

  • Bounty Hunting - at the start of a battle, the player is assigned with the task to find and eliminate another random player. They also get a hint on the target's whereabouts. The targeted player, at the same time, gets a task to survive for a certain time and information about being hunted. If the target outlives the hunter - they win. The hunter gets their win only if they kill the target personally or the target suicides. 
  • Voodoo delivery - at the start of the battle, a group of players get a task to find and burn a voodoo doll at a bonfire. There is only one doll on the map and its location is marked on the map. So, beware of competitors!
  • Quarrel place - you need to kill any player with a certain weapon type in a specific region. The difference from the  previous type of killing task is that the same challenge with the same region is given out to a group of players in the battle. 
  • Fix the vehicle - you need to find a broken vehicle and fix it. 
  • Treasure Hunt - a group of players getting this task will see a number of possible treasure zones on the map. Go there and dig for treasure. If you find one - you both complete the challenge and win and useful loot. 
  • Get to the vehicle - a group of players get the task to find a specific vehicle and drive it to a certain point on the map. Naturally, you’ll have to kill or outrun other competitors in order to win this one. 
  • Zombie Cleansing - you ‘just’ need to kill all the hollows spawning in a certain area of the map. Not too easy to do alone, so in squad mode your friends’ help might come handy. 

As you see, it will be much more fun to survive now, and we plan to add other challenges as well! 

We will disclose other new stuff for the upcoming Major Update in the following devblogs. Stay tuned!

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