New Champion Powers

13 November 2020

The upcoming major update will bring completely new abilities and items that will make battles even more intense.

Today there are four kinds of mystic powers to be used in the game: personal special abilities, traps, rituals and effects of clothing and talismans. The first three require usage of sinner souls - a resource you get for killing opponents. Also traps and rituals can be used via consumable scrolls without paying in souls or even a need to unlock those powers beforehand in the workshop. 

Rituals affect all players on the map and traps - only those who trigger them. 

The update will add signs - that affect their user, - and hex bags - a way to make throwable traps.


After usage, every sign puts an effect on your champion: it can be healing, stamina regeneration, run speed, loot screening or even a forward jump. 

Signs do not consume sinner souls! You just need to wait for the cooldown to use it again. 

Hex Bag

Throw a hex bag as a grenade and it will immediately activate at the hit spot. It might be something similar to traps: enemy slowdown, health depletion, zombie summoning, etc. There are also some special variants like a special ability to blockade and an attractor pulling all enemies onto the hit spot. 

To use a hex bag in a battle you must first find an empty bag in the loot or get it from challenges. Bring the empty bag to a bonfire and you’ll be able to craft hex bags according to the pre-equipped recipe. You need no other ingredients. Recipes themselves will be available to study separately and are equipped in the customization menu.

Spirit Guardians

Now you can dress any way you like without taking into consideration the special powers of masks, panties or talismans! These special powers are now delivered by your Spirit Guardians and they do not care how you dress. These guardians are a special kind of entity to be studied and unlocked. You can equip up to three different guardians with powers that you need in battle. 

If you already own some clothes with powers, you will not lose them. After the update you will be given Spirit Guardians with the same effects as you had in your masks, talismans and underwear. 

Traps and Rituals

Traps will also work without using your sinner soul balance in a battle. You will be able to use them again after an appropriate cooldown time. Otherwise they will work in the same way as do now, creating special effects locally after contact with the target. 

Rituals remain absolutely the same as currently: affecting all champions on the map and requiring sinner souls for activation.

Load up for maximum impact!

It is easier to choose what to equip or if you can equip more. In the new system of powers you will be able to equip your champion for each battle:

  • 3 spirit guardians
  • 1 special sign
  • 3 traps
  • 2 rituals
  • 1 hex bag recipe
  • 3 single-use mystic scrolls 
  • Champion special ability

Which means up to eleven different options that can be used on the battlefield!

New Rituals and Traps in the Update

Global Warming

All champions exposed to the burning rays of an overheated Sun will start to lose health. Only hiding under a roof or in the shadows can save your life. Pity those caught out in the open.

Ghost Jetpack

After this ritual is activated, every champion will get a fully functional ghost Jetpack until the end of its duration. Use it to move quickly and storm any enemies from above before they land on your head. 


This trap creates a mannequin to distract enemies, especially from distance. Combine it with a bush-trap or an ice shield - and you will be guaranteed to catch the enemy's focus whilst preparing your ambush or giving you some time to maneuver. 

Evil Insect Swarm 

A huge swarm of aggressive fireflies surrounds anyone falling into this trap, unmasks them and obstructs their vision.

You can see any news about other upcoming changes and new content in the next devblog. stay tuned!

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