New combat modes in Cuisine Royale events

23 October 2020

With the big update we are also introducing new temporary combat modes. 

The new type of events will be regularly launched in Cuisine Royale and during those events all rules and conditions for battles might change. Available loot, Dark Zone size and behavior, number of players, and other rules and mechanics - all can vary. 

During events you will be able to choose your game mode either to go into regular battle, or participate in the event.

Currently we have prepared three versions of these events we would like to introduce with the major update release: 

Rocket Surgery 

Only grenade launchers, mortars, grenades and other items to make bada-boom are in the loot! To increase mobility we have also added a lot of jetpacks around the map. 

Explosive mid-short range combat and lots of fun when occasionally blowing yourself up is guaranteed. 

On the move

The Dark Zone is not only shrinking as usual, but also it’s center is moving constantly all around. Finally a way to say ‘NO’ to safe center camping and sniping! Also those who love teleport usage should adopt new tactics accordingly. 

Las Vegas

You’ll be amazed by the number of gold coins in the loot. Until you realise that these are the only items available for looting! Plus significantly increased numbers of slot machines where you’ll need to win your weapons. Play for the win or die barehanded!

Oh, yes, and naturally cool rewards will wait for those participating in event battles!

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