New Weapons

25 September 2020

In Normandy, Mexico and on the misty Island of Siberia in the upcoming large update you will find many new handy weapons.

Machine Guns

RD 44

RD 44 — a later modification of the well known Degtyarev Machine Gun. Just imagine: you’ll have a 100-round magazine! Recoil is pretty strong, but you can control dispersion after getting used to it. 



PPS-42 — a soviet quick firing SMG with quite a low dispersion. Regardless, it is more precise in bursts than any competing PPSH. You’ll have a 35-round magazine - not bad for any encounter.


MP-38 — the father of the famous MP-40! Most of the technical innovations used later were introduced here, so this SMG is not any worse in any aspect of shooting. Actually, the only difference from the MP-40 is the buttstock shape and difficulty in mass production.

Rifles and long-barrel guns

PTRD 1941

PTRD 1941 — another anti-materiel gun for those with steady hands. As well as with PzB, you have only one shot before reloading, but the reloading process itself is faster than with its German counterpart.

M1A1 carbine

M1A1 carbine — the marine modification of the renowned M1 Carbine with a folding stock. Even the magazines and ammo are the same, so it’s pretty handy to loot one! 


Nagant 1895

Nagant 1895 — the famous revolver which served well even for the Russian Czar Empire. Reliable and easy to handle. Features a 7 round cylinder and a fast rate-of-fire for a revolver.

Leuchtpistole 34

Leuchtpistole 34 — originally a flare gun from 1934 converted into a compact grenade launcher with some special types of ammunition. In Cuisine Royale it will come with the  Wurfgranate Patrone 326 for direct shooting and contact fuse for guaranteed kill of an enemy of light-armored vehicles.

Mortars and Flamethrowers

Did you miss our news on dread inducing new types of weapons coming? 

The explosive radius of mortar grenades is larger than that of explosion packs. The flamethrower can burn down a whole enemy squad, your friends and yourself with just one charge. Also, armor gives no protection against flames. 

Read more about this weapon in our devblog here.

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