Flamethrowers and Mortars

18 September 2020

We are constantly adding new weapons to Cuisine Royale, but in this update we have prepared something really special! 


Flamethrowers are very straightforward and efficient. Any enemy hit by the burning liquid from your weapon, will suffer significant damage and will be set on fire! They will keep burning as long as they don’t take action and extinguish the flames, or jump in the nearest water. Also, any burning enemies will be slowed down.


The fuel will stick to surfaces, burning for a while and setting fire to those who step in it. It will allow our champions to make some rooms or passages completely uncrossable. 

You can loot one of these types of flamethrowers: M2 (USA), ROKS (USSR), Flammenwerfer 35 (Germany).


If you are familiar with the devastating explosive packs or anti-tank rockets, just imagine an even larger explosion from a projectile falling suddenly from the sky! 


The mortar is a bit of a special weapon to operate. You must target over distance, moving estimated hit location by adjusting mortar aiming angle. You can easily shoot from a position not seen by the enemy, just beware not to hit a nearby wall or a ceiling - so you don’t blow yourself up. 

If your enemy loots a mortar, try to memorize it’s launch sound and the whistle of the falling grenade; this can provide a chance to run for cover and not be blown to pieces across our beautiful locations.

You can loot one of the following mortar models: Granatwerfer 36 (Germany), M2 Mortar (USA), PM-40 (USSR).

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