Results of the Cuisine Royale Art Contest

11 August 2020

So many talented people play Cuisine Royale!

After the hot disputes while using golden pans we are finally ready to present to you the winners of the Art Contest and their creations.

Nomination “Digital Art” (best digitally created art)

3000 Корон — Totsdraws

3,000 Gold Crowns — Totsdraws

This work created by Totsdraws also received a special prize for “Champion ability / Champion image” - for the best art, showing one of the Champions from Cuisine Royale using their special ability - 2,000 Gold Crowns.

2000 Корон — Blue_Solo

2,000 Gold Crowns — Lir71323

1000 Корон — Brujo84

1,000 Gold Crowns — Brujo84

Nomination “Paper Drawing” (best artwork on paper)

3000 Корон — Arkantos57207

3,000 Gold Crowns — Arkantos57207

The work of Arkantos57207 also received a special prize: “Mystic Signs and Rituals” - for the best art, demonstrating the use or the effect of traps from rituals in the game - 2,000 Gold Crowns.

2000 Корон — Snake_Brosk76554

2,000 Gold Crowns— Snake_Brosk76554

1000 Корон — Rumo86079

1,000 Gold Crowns — Rumo86079

Special prize: “Cool battle” - for the best art, showing an interesting battle event in the game.

2000 Корон — _HACTbKA_

2,000 Gold Crowns — _HACTbKA_

The works of all participants can be viewed in social media by using the hashtag #cuisineroyaleart.

All prizes will be credited within the next 24 hours.