3 June 2020
  • The duration of Valentine's ‘Flickering Step’ ability has been lowered from 24 to 18 seconds, meaning the number of instant dashes has gone down from 4 to 3.
  • The damage caused by .45 ACP ammo has been increased to 8.
  • The damage caused by the 9 mm pistol and SMG ammo has been lowered to 7.5.
  • The damage caused by machine gun ammo has been increased to 12.
  • Recoil for the Gewehr 41 and Gewehr 43 rifles has been increased.
  • Now, when Champion moves while not in targeting mode, his accuracy will decrease depending on his movement speed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Cuisine Royale is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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