New weapons and customization items

4 May 2020

It’s time to reveal new weapons and items coming to the battlefields of Cuisine Royale in the near future! We are also happy to reveal that the leaderboards and rewards season will be extended until the 6th of May for all platforms!

New weapons

Mosina rifle, infantry mod.

Mosina rifle, infantry mod. - another version of the famous Russian rifle, equipped with a longer barrel and thus dealing a higher amount of damage. As all bolt-action rifles in the game will come with armour-piercing ammo, this rifle is an overall great addition to any sniper inventory!

MP 41

MP 41 - another famous German submachine gun of the Second World War. It features lower recoil and easier burst control when compared to other SMGs. Also, it will be the first SMG to feature an auto/semi-auto fire switch.

Colt New Service M1909

Colt New Service M1909 - An American double-action revolver produced from 1898 until 1940. It was heavily used by the US Army and Navy. Its double action feature made it place among the best of its class in terms of rate of fire when compared with other revolvers during this period. 

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail - a legendary hand-made incendiary grenade of the Second World War. It spills burning liquid capable of sticking to targets, and continuing to damage those who may have initially rushed out of the explosion zone.

Night vision tactical scope

Night vision tactical scope - a tactical complex scope, allowing wearers to fight comfortably during the night using a night-vision 3.5x scope. In the daylight, it works as an open red-dot sight. A must-have for any assault-sniper. It will be dropped from tactical and orbital fridges and some times found in regular loot. 

Customization items

Three new masks with the ‘Night Hunter’ perk will help you spot an enemy in the darkness, highlighting them on the minimap. The enemy will get a special notification if they are spotted this way. A great aid during Sun eclipses and night fights. 

Clyde will receive a battle-monk outfit

This update will also feature nine more underwear and talisman items with the ability to reveal nearby special transport, but that is another story to be revealed in the upcoming news. Stay tuned!

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