New mystic signs and rituals

1 May 2020

We are preparing a new big update in our brutal mystical shooter, so it is time to reveal some of the new tactical features coming. 

So, here are new ways to spend your sinner souls:

Heaven's Wrath ritual (regular and catalyzed)

Summons a meteor shower targeted at a number of random spots within the safe circle. The number of spots bombarded depends on the remaining zone size. Some enemies will be extremely unlucky to find themselves under a devastating rain of exploding meteors!

Ritual of Second Wind (regular and catalyzed)

All Champions in a battle will be able to reuse their special abilities without any cooldown. Use it wisely, as you must evaluate what benefits it might give both you and your enemies in the current situation. 

Trap sign “Molotov Cocktail”

After activation, drops and ignites one (rare version) or three (epic version) famous Molotov cocktail incendiary handmade grenades. Flames not only damage victims immediately but also ignites them, causing continuous damage even to escaping enemies as long as they do not extinguish fires or die. 

Shield and Reinforced shield signs 

Creates an ice block in front of the user that is able to withstand some of the incoming bullets. A valuable aid in a situation where the enemy has you under fire in an open space.

Some of those signs you may get without the need to unlock them in the Workshop just by doing challenges in the new season reward tree. 

And that's not all! In the upcoming update you will be able to increase your mystic arsenal of traps and rituals available in battle. In the new Customization menu you will now have a new tab of Mystic Scrolls. Here you may equip up to three different single-use scrolls activating the desired ritual of the sign without spending souls and even those you have not yet unlocked for constant use! You may take only one scroll of a specific type into a battle. 

Scrolls can be obtained by doing challenges and participation in events as well as with Workshop crafting. 

Other new features and items will be revealed in upcoming news. Stay tuned! 

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