9 April 2020

New damage model and various improvements

The game now has a new damage model, it is more intuitive and easier to use.

Previously damage in Cuisine Royale was calculated from both weapon damage and additional accumulated damage from the stopping power of projectiles, resistance to which regenerated separately from health and was unclear for fighters.

Now the stopping power is completely removed and damage in game depends only on projectile damage mitigated by armor and distance traveled.

Armor will be divided into three levels, each featuring a fixed amount of damage mitigation:

  • Level 1 (T1) - 10% damage reduction
    • Head armor
    • Body armor
    • Buttocks protection (T1)
  • Level 2 (T2) - 20% damage reduction
    • Brodie helmet
    • Stahlhelm
    • Imperial German M17
    • SWAT helmet
    • US tactical vest
    • Eagle low-vis
    • Nivel
    • Second chance SPA2 
    • Buttocks protection (T2)
  • Level 3 (T3) - 30% damage reduction
    • Viking Helm
    • 6B47 helmet
    • Assault vest 6B43
    • Buttocks protection (T3)

Some ammunition may have exceptions from the above. Bolt rifles for example, now come with armour piercing ammo, allowing better countering of protected targets. Versus these:

  • Level 1 armour will have 5% damage reduction
  • Level 2 armour will have 10% damage reduction
  • Level 3 armour will have 15% damage reduction

Pellets from shotguns have become more realistic and now has a lower effect against armoured targets:

  • Level 1 armour will have 20% damage reduction
  • Level 2 armour will have 30% damage reduction
  • Level 3 armour will have 60% damage reduction

Overall we have tried to simplify damage formulas, retaining more or less the same survivability of combatants.

Final damage is still dependent on distance to the target, initial bullet speed and mass.

We kindly ask you to send us your feedback on the new model - it will help us to make the game better. Leave a note on Facebook or in the official Discord channel.

Shooting range changes

  • Practice mode now has all in-game weaponry present. But in order to practice any firearm you need first to unlock it by finding and trying out the same model in any battle.
  • Some bugs with weapon placement and animations have been fixed.

Champion abilities changes

  • Entering and exiting Ocelotl ‘Spirit Walk’ will now be faster. Also he will be invincible until full exit.
  • Clyde’s cycle to enter ‘Beast’ mode has now been lowered by 1 second.
  • Eric can now speed-up his descent in ‘Thunder Strike’ with the sprint activation button. The appropriate hint has now been added to the HUD.

General gameplay

  • When reviving a teammate at the bonfire, priority will be given to teammates who have not left the battle.
  • There will be no killer name in debriefing if you are revived and your squad wins.
  • The map now has info on any regions where you have active challenges. Challenge status is hinted separately after crossing the borders of those areas. 
  • Chances of looting the AVS and SVT semi-auto rifles have now been swapped between the two. 
  • There will be icons for your squad players’ champions in the Lobby and in the in-battle squad list. 
  • Now the player nickname is always stated when hinting teammates to his heart location on the map. 
  • Weapon spread will now not be increased during small-scale movements. 
  • The baseball bat damage range has been reduced and is now equal to the hammer. 
  • When dropping a rifle with mounted scope, the scope will now fall separately. If you swap weapons, the scope will be moved to the new one if it is applicable. 
  • Fixed bug with falling below objects when exiting an overturned vehicle. 
  • Fixed incorrect message in kill-log after headshot.
  • Improved bullet performance against vehicles. Fixed occasional invincibility of champions in some vehicles. 
  • Lower rate of fire for M1921AC, M1A1 Thompson, MP 18, StG 44, now it reflects real life stats .
  • The M1941 Johnson rifle now uses regular, not tracer ammo.

Graphics and Animation

  • The render quality of the sight image has been improved.
  • Weapon render has been improved for first person view.
  • A new option “Improved reflections” has been added.
  • Global illumination performance has been improved.
  • The blood splashes view has been improved.
  • Reflections performance has been improved.
  • A bug has been fixed with bloody footprints not appearing on the second floor, but on the ground floor ceiling.
  • Spark effect has been added for hits on an enemy with armor equipped.
  • A visual effect has been added for entry and exit from the Portal sign.
  • Firearms won’t appear on Eric’s hammer, if Thunder Strike has been initiated with a weapon switch.
  • Shadows from clouds now affect the smoke from ritual bonfires correctly.
  • Some visual effects during the eclipse have been improved. 
  • The headwear and mask render has been improved.
  • A ladder moving animation has been added.
  • FOV change option has been added.
  • Conflict collisions of hair and some headwear/masks have been fixed.


  • Fixed some game crashes.
  • After landing, Eric will now stand fast, not slide on the ground.
  • The Champion can now turn while being downed.


  • Scope rendering has been reverted to the previous version (as before Update
  • The display of the amount of HP for teammates in battle has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Cuisine Royale is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.