Update PS4 -, XBOX -

26 February 2020

While we are waiting for the “Black Sun” major update, take a look at the large bug-fixing and improvement changelog. The Practice range is now in game to help you to train your weapons and ability skills, many new animations, more optimization, useful features and hints.

Locations & Modes

  • The special “Practice” mode has been added to the game mode select menu. You can enter there to train your shooting, usage of traps, rituals and special ability skills. To use mystic powers you get 2000 sinner souls upon entry. 
  • Snow has stopped falling in the location Winter Normandy.
  • Location Mexico:
    • The mechanics of the zone convergence in the Mexico location has been fixed. The bug created a possibility that the zone might converge into the open desert and not the way it was designed.
    • According to player feedback several respawn points in the location Mexico have been deleted.
    • Bugs in a champion’s collisions with some parts of pyramids and buildings have been fixed.
    • Several doors have been added to fort buildings for easy movement.
    • The incorrect crossing through house doors has been fixed.
    • The incorrect crossing of ground surface in trenches has been fixed.
    • The height of a fence relative to the ground has been fixed.The incorrect crossing of the house roof with a neighboring house has been fixed.
    • The incorrect crossing of logs on roofs of houses has been fixed.
    • The incorrect crossing of wooden decking on the fort ceiling has been fixed.
    • The incorrect position of a bush at the bottom of the trench has been fixed.
    • The incorrect placing of a trailer on the ground has been fixed.
    • The incorrect collision of a boat with ruins has been fixed.
    • Collision on the stairs of some buildings have been optimized for smoother movement whilst using them.

Graphics, animation, performance

  • Animation on all champions in the menu is now unique and reveals their characters.
  • A visual effect of sparks when bullets hit armour has been added.
  • A new animation for the revival on a bonfire has been added.
  • The effect of blood on the screen when receiving all kinds of damage has been added.
  • The animation for jumps has been improved.
  • The correct champions animation when receiving damage from melee weapons has been added. 
  • A camera movement when hitting with buttstock in first person view has been fixed.
  • Zoom (in sight view) will be canceled if you get into water.
  • Performance when using zoom on PC configurations with weak GPU’s has been improved.
  • In the first person view the player’s weapon and body parts will now always be displayed in front of its surroundings.
  • A visual bug in the first person view when the player is close to a wall has been fixed.
  • Rendering of the weapons and item icons has been improved.
  • The blurring of the surrounding world when the menu is displayed has been improved.
  • Memory usage has been optimized. The game now uses less memory.
  • Rendering of water and surfaces has been optimized.
  • Renders of dynamic objects (loot, champions, weapons and vehicles) have been optimized.
  • Data traffic during battle has been significantly optimized.
  • Data traffic when starting the battle has been significantly optimized.
  • Processor usage has been slightly optimized. The application now runs a bit faster and the loading time has been reduced as well.
  • A game crash when resetting the video driver has been fixed.
  • GPU usage when using an optical sight has been optimized.
  • General GPU usage has been optimized.
  • Battle boot time has been optimized.

Gameplay, items, interface

  • The medium and large shopping bags have now been replaced with bags. 
  • Now in order to replace the current weapon armour or perch you will need to press and hold the "square" button (for PS4) or "X" button (for XBOX). This functionality works when there is no free slot for a new item or if they are not a clear improvement of the current equipment.
  • The algorithm for automatic food selection when pressing the “healing” button has been improved. Now, very low health will select the fastest food. And in other cases the one which allows the most effective health replenishment with minimal overspending.
  • The possibility of replenishing your health with food while you are afloat in a stationary position has been added.
  • The “Kubelwagen” can now swim. It temporarily replaces the “Schwimmwagen”.
  • The behaviour of the orbital fridge has been improved. Now it will be less likely to get stuck in walls.
  • The engine will not break under water in vehicles without a driver. The game counts such vehicles as having their engine switched off and being under the water does not damage them.
  • The mechanic of climbing out of water has been improved. Now the champion will get ashore faster by pulling up even when under a roof.
  • Information about the reason for receiving/spending souls has been added.
  • A possibility to mark stationary machine guns for teammates has been added.
  • It is possible now to heal a downed teammate under the water, he will be replenished with full air supply. 
  • Oxygen now has a threshold increase in breathing time under the water. 
  • Picking up a coin will now mean other coins within a radius of 2 meters will be automatically picked up.
  • The vertical thrust component has been changed for horizontal flight on the JP01.
  • Now when using melee attack in water or in a vehicle, the most appropriate weapon of a champion will be used.
  • Improvements for the leaderboard display. It is now possible to find the description of the latest game changes in the menu “Latest updates”. 
  • The appearance of the main screen has been updated. 
  • Mystical signs in the shortcut menu are now in the same place as they are in the customization menu. 
  • In battle:
    • A hint about the possible display of the full screen map has been added to the minimap.
    • A hint about how to use the champion’s special ability has been added.
    • Hints about how to use rituals and signs have been added.
    • Hints on how to control a vehicle have been added.
    • A frag counter has been added to the main game interface in battle.
  • Increased buff in HP for Eric during flight in Thunderstrike ability. Ability cost lowered to 80 souls.
  • Lowered decrease in spread and recoil while shooting in Bullet Time for Annie.
  • Somewhat lowered distance of target highlighting in Bullet Time for Annie.
  • Increased cost in sinner souls with Bullet Time ability for Annie to 100 souls.
  • Lowered cost in sinner souls with Beast ability for Clyde to 80 souls.
  • Lowered cost in sinner souls with Spirit Walk ability for Ocelotl to 70 souls.

Weaponry and damage model

  • Grenades that can be found in the location are now tied to the weapons in the game session: For “German” weapons it will be the M24, For “American” ones it will be the Mk.II and in the “Soviet” one it will be the F-1.
  • A possibility of reloading your weapon during an attack with the buttstock has been removed.
  • Some inaccuracies in the shells of .30 and .45 calibres have been fixed.
  • All weapons now have a pre-set 100m targeting range. 
  • A lowered number of disk magazines for PPSH/PPD in loot. 
  • Fixed a bug where a broken object might reappear. 
  • Improved object destruction mechanics when driving a vehicle. Now you can smash objects just by driving over them using their mass. 


  • Changed settings for the distances of sounds for all firearms. 
  • Updated teammate revival sounds on the resurrection centre.
  • Some new sounds when looting. 
  • New sound for receiving a prize for a task. 
  • Eric has new step sounds as he now has boots on. 
  • Dark Zone now mutes sounds only when you are deeper in it and is now not as loud in the final circles of a battle to ease navigation for players.
  • Distant sounds changed for some weapons.
  • New sounds for AKM shooting when heard by other players.
  • Slightly increased distance of stepping sounds.
  • A new melody in the lobby screen is now used in all modes irrelevant of ‘Streamer Friendly’ options to avoid issues with youtube streaming. 
  • Sounds added of other players looting. 
  • Removed scared cry when falling from height after jump trap usage.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Cuisine Royale is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.