New rituals, weapons and a shooting range

12 February 2020

Fighters, we start to disclose the content in the new major update of Cuisine Royale.


A modernized version of the well known Kalashnikov assault rifle. Features new materials, a muzzle brake to help with recoil control and more precise shooting at greater distances. Like it’s predecessor the AKM, it can use scopes. The AK103 is a rare weapon and can only be found in orbital and tactical fridges.

A German SMG from the late 1930’s. Similar to the well known MP18, but features a cooling cover and has better iron sights and a higher rate of fire. Will be a good addition to the World War weapons collection.

The famous Italian tactical shotgun, supplied to police and special forces across the world. Very reliable, has a good rate of fire and shot dispersion cone. A must-have for any shotgun fan in the game!

The legendary modification of a Mauser pistol capable of full auto firing mode! Features a large 20-round magazine, comfort recoil and good iron sights - allowing you to deliver a fast series of headshots to enemies in close combat! Naturally, its rate of fire is much lower than SMG’s, but this side arm will still be a handy weapon to have ready for emergencies. 


Especially for you, two new unique mystic rituals that change the very landscape of the battlefield and even bring an astronomical phenomena to the game!

Flood ritual  (regular and catalyzed) allows the start of a massive flood which drowns large portions of the current battlefield under water for 1 minute. Water floods fast and takes some time to drain after the ritual is over, so you can start second one immediately to keep water levels high! Gives you an option to massively surprise enemies camping in houses and bunkers.

By the way, the oxygen tank now not only allows you to run longer, but also remain much longer underwater. Additionally, one of the vehicles can now swim as well, converting it to a low speed boat. 

Ritual of Eclipse (regular and catalyzed) forces the sun to disappear for 1 minute, bringing sudden night. You can now mask your approach, flee from a difficult gunfight or just disorient enemies before attacking them. Also, flares and flashlights will now be more useful as well!


Signs for Camouflage Bush allow you to create a patch of bush to create cover or distraction. A great aid for tactical gardeners and snipers. 

Equipment and customization

Two new masks - stylish sunglasses and a camouflage bandana will be added with a special bonus to lower the sinner soul price of champions’ special abilities.  

Underwear and talisman collection now get the addition of six new items with the ability to discover and mark mystic traps set by players. 

Shooting range

New practice mode and location will be added to the game. There you can find different weapons, scopes, ammo and grenades placed conveniently for your practice at tables in the shooting range. Behind them, in the field, we have placed many interactive mannequins, wearing different sets and combinations of armor. So, now you can practice aiming, recoil control and check damage delivered to different body parts with different protection. 

Currently the shooting range features only the most common weapon models. Select the “Practice” game mode and enjoy! 


Sport and tactical bags are also replacing unreliable medium and large shopping bags, adding to your carrying capacity and brutal outlook. 

So, plan your new tactical moves and stay tuned for more news on the forthcoming update!

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