Modern weaponry and new mystic seals in Cuisine Royale

3 December 2019

Greetings, warriors!

Soon our brutal online last-man-standing shooter will get a new content update and today we would like to present some of it: new weapons and items that will be introduced.


Assault rifles

One of the most famous assault rifles of the late 20th century, utilizing the bull-pup concept to maintain high precision while being relatively compact in size. An integrated Swarovski scope will add additional comfort during mid-range shooting.

Belgian assault rifle used to equip US special forces replacing the M4 and M16. Quite precise shooting experience with pretty good comfort and recoil control.

Compact automatic carbine  which managed to be considered standard for many special and military forces across the world. In this modification can use full-auto mode with a high rate of fire but a rather high recoil.

Universal SMG developed by Heckler & Koch in the 1990’s as a follow up to famous HK MP5. Not the highest rate of fire but compensated with good accuracy even in burst mode.

One of the most famous German post-war SMGs across the world. Can deal high damage at short range, surpassing most of the competitors, though being rather hard on the recoil side.


A classic in pump-action shotguns, reliable with good ergonomics for fast engagements.

Melee weapons

Our collection of historical melee weapons will receive two new masterpieces: in the workshop you will be able to unlock  the viking’s Smith Hammer and Warrior Hammer. By the way, both hammers deal increased damage to hard objects - smashing gravestones and destructible decorations in one blow.

Mystic traps and rituals

Now you will be able to unlock six new mystic seals for your library: 

Regular and catalyzed Ritual of Unknown (different only in cost of souls to cast) will start any random ritual, existing in the game. They are rather cheap on the cost side, allowing a surprise for enemies even when low on sinner souls. 

Seals River of Endurance and Fountain of Endurance will replenish stamina for those nearby very quick or instantaneously. Will be useful for those running fast over large distances or engaging in hard melee assault. 

Last but not least, new mystic traps will be focused specifically on vehicles. One mine will be triggered by heavy trucks and buses only, while the second one - by any vehicle passing nearby. The resulting explosion will break the vehicle and throw all passengers out of it in the blast. 

New underwear and talismans will give a player ability to spot empty vehicles up to 250 metres range. Those who like the viking design of new talismans will appreciate the new Mask of Loki, designed in traditional Scandinavian style with a well-known feature to replace primed grenades with jack-pot in slot machines. 

Oh, speaking of vehicles, there will be one new model waiting in the game!

Stay tuned where we will release news on other content for the upcoming update.


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