Armory restocking

4 October 2019

Good day, dear experts in style and good weaponry!

As you could have guessed, the major update of Cuisine Royale “Weird West: Age of Nagual” will bring you a number of new ingame items. 


PzB 39


In the firearms section, first of all, welcome to the new German anti-tank rifle PzB 39, a simplified version of heavy rifle PzB 38. This precise and deadly weapon with enormous bullet speed will be a good competitor to the much beloved PTRS. Unlike it, the PzB 39 comes with 10 rounds of ammo in a weapon-based holder. On the downside, the German rifle has a much lower rate of fire, since manual reloading after every shot takes about 5 seconds, making an additional sidearm weapon almost a necessity.

M1917 Enfield

American magazine rifle M1917 Enfield, also known as United States Rifle, cal .30, Model of 1917. It was designed in 1917 and took part in all major wars of the 20th century up to the war in Vietnam. Same as the Springfield 1903, M1917 basically copied the Mauser Gewehr 98 locking mechanism. Overall it is a good and precise bolt-action rifle for sharpshooters. It’s magazine holds 5 rounds and is manually loaded with ability to add rounds at any time as well as cut the loading sequence in the middle at any time for a needed shot.

M1941 Johnson

American semi automatic rifle M1941 Johnson, using a short recoil operation mechanism and carrying 10 rounds in it’s round fixed magazine. Ammo loading is done through an opening on the side by using two 5-round clips. A large magazine capacity and good rate of fire to compensate for long loading cycle and slightly lower damage output. 

Ithaca 37

American Ithaca 37, developed by John Browning himself is one of the oldest representatives of pump-action shotguns still produced. Actually, it is maybe the best known shotgun of the last century, being used from the D-Day battle operation to filming in famous police action Hollywood movies of the 90s. Well known to all of you 12 cal. gauge, used in Browning Auto and Luftwaffe, deals massive damage in close quarters fire and the tube magazine holds 7 of them.

Dreyse M1907 developed by the famous Schmeiser, a new addition to a collection of German pistols of the First World War. The pistol is named after Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse - inventor of a needle-gun and first bolt-action mechanism at the end of the 19th century. It deals rather typical pistol level damage and can benefit from a bit faster magazine change cycle.

All of the above mentioned firearms will be found as loot in the game. Their detailed specifications we will add in the “Items” section on our website.

Cold weapons are restocked with three new items. Those are two Aztec obsidian swords: Macuahuitl and Royal Macuahuitl, and a baseball bat. All three items are considered special ones and will be available as a starting weapon after being studied in the Workshop or purchased in special packs in our shop. Or you can just loot them from enemy bodies.


The first addition is a linked portal trap, allowing anyone stepping on one of two seels to teleport to the second one. It can be used either for a sudden tactical retreat from the action zone or to throw enemies away somewhere to disadvantageous location. Naturally, this trap will not teleport out to the Dark Zone. 

Second new trap sets up fake premium fridge. It is an improved version of a well used regular fridge trap and it’s usage can improve your maime & ambush gameplay. We strongly advise you to equip slowing “Quicksands” trap and grenade of zombie trap with it. Your enemies will find it irresistible… 

And last but not least, dreadful ritual of Zombie Apocalypse (inthe form of regular and catalyzed versions, different it sinner souls price to activate). It will summon huge hoard of angry zombies from the Dark Zone. They will keep moving to the center for the whole 5 minutes, killing everyone in the vicinity. When the ritual is over, or is painted over, zombies will fall into ashes and disappear. Please ensure your own safety on the roof or in the bunker before starting this ritual.


Clyde and Annie will get three new underwear models each, increasing reward in sinner souls for a kill by 10, 20 and 50 respectively. New masks: Aztec mosaic and Stoneface mask will decrease game cost in slot-machine by 30%, and Roundface mask will replace primed grenades with a jackpot. 

Finally, you might like the Aztec gravestone. It looks great against the background of ancient Aztec pyramids and ruins, and features decent 35% sinner soul transfer to the next battle (up to 100). You will be able to unlock it in the Workshop. But try your best to never need one afterwards!

Have a great battletime there!

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