Dozens of carefully reproduced weapons will help to create your own battle style and destroy enemies as efficient as possible
Damage Model
CRSED: F.O.A.D. uses a damage system already familiar to you.

Each weapon has bullet damage and a damage type index, that affects the effectiveness of its armor penetration.

The damage caused by a bullet falls with distance and obstacles where after hitting it reduces the amount of HP in an enemy champion.
Every champion has 25 health points.

This indicator can be changed under the influence of traps, special objects and during the action of the unique skills of each champion.

In duo/squad battles the champion who has lost all their health points will be considered as knocked out and may be revived by teammates.

If the champion sufferst too much damage at one time, they will die immediately.
Any damage received by the champion can be partly reduced by wearing armor.

Armor only protects the parts of the body on which it is placed and the body parts themselves can be either more or less susceptible to damage.

Armor only stops part of the damage and can not block it completely.

Armor properties are described on the special page.

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