"Deadhead" Orlov

Drone Strike
For 15 seconds you gain control of the Attack Drone. At your command, the drone can fire a barrage of missiles at a selected point.
Each use of the drone requires money. The drone comes with a gift: a bulletproof vest and a firearm.

The devil's greatest trick is to convince people that he doesn't exist. These words aptly describe Nikolai Orlov, a powerful business man who trades arms around the globe. Few people can boast of having met this man personally, and those who have — prefer to keep their mouths shut, because even the mention of his name instills awe in the hearts of skilled mercenaries and hardened criminals.

The story of Orlov's life is shrouded in legend and it is impossible to reliably say what is true and what is a myth. It is said that the rise of his influence is associated with the military operations of the USSR in hot spots. In army circles, he acquired connections that would later become the basis of his business.

After a dark story related to the death of one of the commanders, Nikolai left the armed forces and went into private business, which rapidly went uphill.

The profile of his activities was wide — from private security and cargo transportation to covert operations to change the government in Latin America. However, Orlov’s true claim to fame was the arms trade. There is no client whose wishes he could not fulfill, and there is no weapon that he could not get. Nikolai got the nickname — "Deadhead" — either after a story about the theft of radioactive materials from one of the post-Soviet republics, or even earlier while serving in the army. Orlov considered diamonds the most reliable currency and said that they could buy anything, even people's souls.

However, all of this is just rumors and echoes of Orlov's dark glory. Reliably known for only this in recent years, Nikolai began to more often remember the dashing times of his army youth and again wanted to feel the thrill of combat operations. Therefore, having learned about the deadly and dangerous game F.O.A.D. he used his connections and wealth to get there. Unlike other fighters, Nikolai didn't need a special invitation - Orlov's diamonds open any door.

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