Bram van Helsing

Bram van Helsing

Flock of bats
He mastered the "Flock of bats" ability, which allowed him to levitate and move quickly in bat form.

A wealthy Dutch nobleman who became famous in bohemian and occult societies largely due to his money, charm, and family name, Bram became a hematophagous, a "real vampire", one of the authors of the Black Veil code, and soon a master of the influential occult order "Benedictus Sugere".

The antics of the order's master repeatedly made the front pages of local newspapers: shocking photos and videos of "rituals" and "unity ceremonies" caused heated discussions; around the scandalous "vampire" emerged a circle of minions who voluntarily took part in his so-called meals - while church activists wrote statements to the police every day with requests to stop the "debauchery" going on.

In January 2021, Bram van Helsing entered a Rehab center for treatment. There he met another patient who told him the rumors about the F.O.A.D. murder games. The very next day Bram left the center, tracked down the participants and persuaded them to accept him in. He was no longer in need of treatment, since he had found a way to satisfy his thirst.

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